Planting trees is planting life

“In the past, we spoiled and polluted parts of the nature, inflicted environmental damage” (End of Nature, 1989)

The above quote was taken in the book of Bill McKibbens, an environmentalist. In his book, he expressed melancholy on how nature has changed because of man’s abusive selfish interests.

However, not all people are abusive. There are some who try, with all they might to revive the fleeting state of the environment. Several environmental advocacies from different sectors have shown initiative using various methods to protect and preserve the environment. The 7th Civil Relations Group (CRG) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ for example, is also taking its part through their advocacy – Race to One Million Seedlings. This advocacy aims to plant one million seedlings in the National Capital Region with hopes to be replicated all over the Philippines. Thus, creating  a nation advocating for a better environment.

Last July 16, the 7th CRG together with the children in Manila Boy’s Town in Marikina City facilitated the Seed Potting Activity of 1,800 guyabano seeds. Moreover, these same children have committed themselves to plant another set of seedlings in August this year.

Meanwhile, last July 17, the Bantay Bayan Foundation Inc. with their founding chairman, Dr. Ben Caralde also potted guyabano seeds at Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. This was attended by 7th CRG Group Commander LTC Marlowe E Patria, PA.

Indeed, Richard Rogers was right when he said, The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.

Start planting trees and start building life!

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2 comments on “Planting trees is planting life
  1. WinonaJane says:

    Nice! More power and I hope you’ll continue on spreading and working on your advocacy! God bless!

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