Notorious ASG kidnappers fall, intensified operations continue in Sulu

Notorious ASG kidnappers fall, intensified operations continue in Sulu Camp Navarro, Calarian, Zamboanga City- September 27, 2016 (5am)- Early dawn this 27th of September 2016, elements of Joint Task Force Sulu together with concerned citizens of Panglima Estino, Sulu conducted strike operations against ASG/KFRG mebers which resulted to the death of Nixon Muktadil and Brown Muktadil commonly known as ‘Muktadil brothers’ in the vic of Tambulian Island, Daungdung, Pata, Sulu. Muktadil brothers were involved in a series of kidnappings of twenty six (26) Indonesians and Malaysians at the high seas of the boundaries of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The KVs were crewmen of five (5) different tugboats who were victims of these KFRG at different instances in the period of six (6) months. These boats ply the said shipping routes to deliver coal and other commercial items. The death of the Muktadil brothers is a major blow to the group of ASGSL Alhabsy Misaya because they serve as the sea guides and navigators during conduct of kidnapping at the high seas.

Cadavers are being transported to Sulu PPO, Camp Asturias, Jolo, Sulu .

POC:Maj Filemon Tan 09178262003

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