4NYLS Opening


Tanay, Rizal –  The 4th National Youth Leadership Summit was formally opened on 8:00 am, October 24, 2017 at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. The 122 participants and 36 facilitators were welcomed by the Youth for Peace and Development Movement Philippines (YPDMP) President, Mr. John Patrick Y Onggao. The keynote speaker, Col Jose Victor L Vargas Jr PAF (GSC), also the 7th CRG,CRSAFP Group Commander was introduced by the


Col Vargas’ speech focused on 4NYLS’ objectives and theme which was; “Youth Leaders, Working Towards Greater Change”. He emphasized the vital role of the youth in nation building and inspired the youth to not just talk about the change they want but act on it and be their dreams. He also give a glimpse on what will happen on the 4day summit. Moreover, he also expressed support through partnership in developing projects and conducting YLS while your AFP is protecting them at all cost.


Col Vargas to the youth leaders- “As a youth you should not forget this quality, you should not only speak of love for country but you should also take it into action. The second one is being a Responsible Citizen; being responsible is one of the many keys to success. Being responsible may be hard but it would lead you to greater heights, if you can be responsible enough to do the smallest task then you would definitely be responsible enough to complete a bigger task. The two that I have mentioned earlier are the core foundations of the third and last one, which is Peace and Development.”

The YPDMP officers and representatives, soldier facilitators and 7th CRG personnel were the secretariat for this year’s summit. Though there were only a 2 full day facis’ training, each of them contributed skill, cooperation and unity to make the activity to success.


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