AFP statement on the Pastor Killed by NPA terrorists

AFP statement on the Pastor Killed by NPA terrorists
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The AFP condemns in the strongest terms possible the killing of religious leader by the communist NPA terrorists.

The killing of Jepti Acedo, an innocent civilian and a pastor; and the wounding of his two companions is totally unacceptable, appalling and downright an act of terrorism. This exemplifies the NPA’s contempt and total disrespect to human rights and International Humanitarian Law.

We commiserate and offer our prayers to the family and relatives of Pastor Jepti Acedo of the JEHOVA’s Witnesses and wish his two wounded companions to get well.

The continued impunity and mass murder of human beings in the hands of NPA terrorists in Mindanao cements the national perception on the inhuman and evil character of their murderous organization as it strengthens their worldwide reputation as harbinger of disaster and omen of death.

The killing of another innocent civilian and a religious leader at that shows proof of their decades long deception and orchestrated oppression of the toiling class, a show of unparalleled arrogance against the masses who have been at the receiving end of their atrocious and malevolent acts.

Here now comes a certain Alias Otto, apologizing for their mistake. Paniniwalaan ba natin sya sa sinbasabi nya na mag iimbestiga at parurusahan ang mga nagkamali? Sa pangalan pa lang sinungaling na sya. Gamitinn nila ang kanilang tunay na pangalan kung naniniwala sila na tama ang kanilang ipinaglalaban.

The masses remember the deaths these terrorists brought when they killed people they mistaken to be soldiers or they accused as spies. They promised to investigate and punish those responsible but all is lip service, a blatant lie!

The people remember Fernando Timbal of Panabo City, a family man and a true member of the masses whom the NPA killed a few years ago saying he is a soldier but later on was found out to be a bank driver.

Same fate befell Silvano Delas Alas, also a few years back, a farmer in Davao Oriental whose death came by the bullets peppering his body. The NPA said he was a soldier but he was not. His death forced the NPA terrorists, again, to admit their mistakes in carrying out many killings against countless innocent victims they mercilessly murdered.

Let us not forget the Tulang brothers of Davao City accused by NPA terrorists to be spies but their only sin is stealing fighting cocks to serve as their meal because they are poor. Binaril nila sa ulo ang pinaka matanda habang ginilitan nila ang leeg ng dalawa na parang manok.

Let us not forget Datu Antonio Takinan, a Lumad leader in Magpet, North Cotabato, who was murdered by NPA terrorists just this month. The NPA accused him of being a spy when all he did was to fight for the rights of indigenous people.

The AFP is firm on its stand to fully support the primacy of the peace process but our soldiers will do everything necessary when the safety and security of our people are threatened.

The AFP reiterates its call to the CPP-NPA-NDF to stop all atrocities against the people and be sincere in the peace process.

We call on our people to shout in unison against such impunity and orchestrated mass murders against the citizenry so that the united voices of the masses will reverberate in every corner of the country and perhaps the whole world and shake the very foundation of the Godless CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist organization and all its front organization in every sector and level of the society… and perhaps they will be sincere.

Let the people of Mindanao and the whole country stand their ground and condemn these barbarity and crimes against humanity as we call for justice for all the hapless victims and their families… and perhaps they will be sincere. | πŸ“ Peace Builder πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­οΈ

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