General Guerrero Bows Out of Military Service

CAMP AGUINALDO, Quezon City—The 49th Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines General Rey Leonardo Guerrero bows out of service after 38 years in the military profession.

General Guerrero will turn over the AFP’s top post in a Change of Command Ceremony, to Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., the current Commander of the AFP Western Mindanao Command based in Zamboanga City.

President Rodrigo Duterte will preside over the turnover ceremony, on Wednesday, April 18 at the Parade Grounds here, where General Guerrero will also be honoured with a Testimonial Parade and Review and the prestigious award of the Philippine Legion of Honor (Rank of Commander).

Weakened Enemy

While serving as Commander of the Eastern Mindanao Command before he became the Chief of Staff, General Guerrero has orchestrated the execution of Community Support Programs, a key component of the military’s new operation plan, the Development Support and Security Plan Kapayapaan.

During his term as the AFP Chief, the concerted efforts of AFP units in the conduct of focused military and intelligence operations alongside intensified stakeholder engagements resulted in the neutralization of 6,817 New People’s Army (NPA) personalities as of April 15.

A total of 6,709 of these have surrendered broken down as follows:

721 regular NPAs and Sangay ng Partido sa Lokal members;
513 Militia ng Bayan;
712 underground organizations members; and
4,761 mass supporters.

Moreover, 47 others NPAs were also killed and while 61 others were apprehended in legitimate focused military operations.

A total of 288 assorted firearms were also seized from the NPAs.

Meanwhile, the intensified efforts against the local terror groups and foreign fighters resulted in the neutralization of 457 various terror personalities composed of 81 killed, 280 apprehended/arrested, and 96 surrendered.

Marawi City Rehabilitation

Faced with an equally challenging task of rebuilding Marawi City from the devastation brought by the armed terrorist attack, the AFP conducted activities to support the overall effort of the government, spearheaded by the Office of Civil Defense, for the City’s recovery, reconstruction, and rehabilitation.

A total of 3,953 assorted unexploded ordnance (UXO) and 738 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were found and disposed.

Currently, seven sectors out of the nine sectors in the main battle area are already cleared from UXOs and IEDs. The remaining two are still being cleared from explosives that may have been trapped within collapsed buildings.

The AFP also deployed engineering units to assist cognizant agencies in the construction of temporary shelters for Internally Displace Persons.

In partnership with the Department of Public Works and Highways together with the National Housing Authority, the AFP completed 250 units of temporary shelters in Barangay Sagonsongan and is currently supporting the construction of additional 570 units of temporary shelters in the area.

Force Structure Rationalization

Under the term of General Guerrero, the Letter of Instruction on Pagbabago “Juliet” was also issued, which revises and updates the Pagbabago “India” and reiterates the “force provider, force employer concept.” It defines and standardizes the command relationships of AFP units based on existing doctrines and current operational guidelines.

Several units and offices were also activated including the Tactical Operations Wings (TOW) that re-designate the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd TOWs and 579th Composite Tactical Wings into Northern Luzon, Central, Western Mindanao, and West TOWs respectively.

Five Infantry Battalions (IB) were also activated under General Guerrero’s term namely the 90IB, 91IB, 93IB, and 94IB following the increase in the number of Philippine Army personnel as ordered by President Duterte.

The Special Operations Command (SOCOM) of the Army was also reconfigured into the AFPSOCOM which will consolidate all AFP special operations forces under one commanding unit.

AFPSOCOM will take command and supervision of the Special Operations Wing of the Air Force, the Naval Special Operations Group from the Navy; Scout Ranger Regiment, Special Forces Regiment and Light Reaction Regiment of the Army; and the Joint Special Operations Group of GHQ.

The AFP Systems Engineering Office (AFPSEO) was also activated to manage the implementation of the AFP modernization and Self-Reliant Defense Posture programs.

The AFPSEO will act as the technical adviser to the CSAFP on matters related to the systems engineering design of the weapon systems and defense equipment that will be acquired under the Revised AFP Modernization Program with regard to their functional and material designs.

The activation of the AFPSEO will also put into place a dedicated office for the management and implementation of the various modernization projects along the five major components of the program, namely: Capability, Materiel and Technology Development; Bases and Support Systems Development; Force Restructuring and Organizational Development; Human Resource Development; and Doctrine Development.

Martial Law Implementation

Under General Guerrero’s guidance, the AFP judiciously utilized Martial Law in the implementation of the campaign against loose firearms. Various AFP units facilitated the surrender of a total of 1,424 assorted loose firearms with the cooperation of local government units and clan leaders in Mindanao.

This includes the 81 firearms surrendered by residents and officials in Lanao Del Sur on March 24 and March 26 and 106 firearms surrendered by local executives in Maguindanao last March 26 and 27. Hundreds of loose firearms were voluntarily surrendered by politicians and clans in various parts of Mindanao.

The AFP also launched over 85,930 checkpoint operations; 47,557 security patrols; and over 6,791 critical infrastructure and installations security.

“It is with great pride that I commend the AFP Chain-of-Command, the members of the Joint, Personal, and Special Staff, the Officers, the Enlisted Personnel, and the Civilian Employees who all together performed their functions well for the accomplishment of their respective units’ missions, not to mention the many sacrifices they made, that brought the AFP Organization to where it is now,” General Guerrero said.

“It was without a doubt that we have distinguished ourselves as an organization by performing our mandate with gusto and focus: to protect the Filipino people and the state. Rest assured, the AFP will remain a reliable force for peace and progress, securing the nation’s core and peripheral interests and rendering service to the country in collaboration with other agencies towards the attainment of lasting peace and stability in the country,” General Guerrero concluded. | Peace Builder 🇵🇭

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Soldiers rescued a pregnant NPA member

Soldiers rescue a pregnant, wounded NPA member who was left behind by her comrades after a firefight and identified as Susan Cabusao Guaynon. She was immediately given first aid, then brought to the hospital by the soldiers.

“The treatment of the NPA to a wounded comrade is shameful. They should be looking after her, especially that she is pregnant and needs monthly check-ups.”
->BGen Eric Vinoya AFP


Post from Civil Relations Service AFP


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The Garcia Brothers

Know the story of Garcia Brothers.



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Your Troops Support Developmental Projects

Quezon City, Philippines – Your Armed Forces of the Philippines joins the “Unang Hakbang sa Kinabukasan” A project of GMA Kapuso Foundation.

On April 11 2018, BGEN BIENVENIDO R DATUIN JR AFP, Commander, CRSAFP together with MAJ JOEL P BALAGOT (FS) PA, Deputy Group Commander of 7th Civil Relations Group, CRSAFP personally visited GMA Kapuso Foundation Warehouse to check the status of the soldiers who volunteered in the repacking of school supplies intended for 80,000 children from Kinder to Grade 1 nationwide.

Recently, GMA Kapuso Foundation invited your Armed Forces to provide volunteers for the said activity for the whole month of April. Since your AFP is always ready to serve you and provide help, troops from Civil Relations Service, Philippine Army, Navy and Airforce volunteered to help in the repacking of rice and school supplies. As of now, a total of 5,400 school supplies are packed and 514 bags of rice.

GMA Kapuso Foundation Warehouse is located at 366 GMA Compound Tandang Sora, Brgy. Culiat, Quezon City.

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NPA owns up to political assassination in North Cotabato


KIDAPAWAN CITY – New People’s Army rebels have owned up Sunday to the killing of a councilman in Magpet town in North Cotabato province in southern Philippines.

Isabel Santiago, a spokeswoman for the rebel group, said Antonio Takinan was killed as a punishment for his alleged involvement in the anti-insurgency campaign and human rights violations in the province.

Takinan was shot dead on April 4 while travelling on a motorcycle with his brother-in-law Robilio Tambunan, who was wounded in the attack and escaped assassination.

Santiago accused Takinan to being an intelligence agent for the military and behind forced recruitment of tribesmen to fight the NPA as government militias. She said the rebel group had ordered Takinan’s death.

“The standing order imposed by the NPA against Takinan stemmed from his active intelligence gathering activities, forced recruitment of indigenous peoples for the paramilitary CAFGU Bagani fighters, and assisting the military in its combat operations that resulted in grave human rights and international humanitarian law violations.”

“Takinan’s intel activities led to the indiscriminate mortar shelling and aerial bombardment of Lumad communities on December 21 last year by the 39th Infantry Battalion. Recently, Takinan aided the 19th Infantry Battalion which had been terrorizing Lumad communities of Manobo for several weeks now, forcing civilians to either surrender or admit to being supporters of the NPA,” she added.

Santiago also said that Takinan allegedly extorted money from other tribesmen who are locked in bitter land disputes in the town. “Masses also reported that Takinan took advantage of land disputes in the hinterlands of Magpet by extorting from the Lumad,” she said.

Takinan’s slaying came barely a week after rebel forces clashed with soldiers from the 39th Infantry Battalion and killing three infantrymen in nearby Digos City in retaliation to military operations dubbed as “Oplan Kapayapaan” in the towns of Arakan, Antipas, Roxas and Magpet and Makilala in North Cotabato, and the towns of Santa Cruz and Bansalan, including Digos City in Davao del Sur province.

Santiago said the military operations in those areas have targeted innocent civilians and tribesmen. “It is aimed at targeting civilian Lumad and peasants, coercing them to swear in as combatants and surrendered persons,” she said, adding, in response to the government’s anti-insurgency campaign, the NPA has been ordered to defend the masses and punish legitimate military targets, including armed and active intelligence agents hiding under the badge of civilian bureaucracy.”

There was no immediate statement from the military on Santiago’s allegations, but the NPA has been waging decades of deadly campaign in the country for the establishment of its own Maoist government, and even demanded from President Rodrigo Duterte a coalition government as one of its preconditions for the revival of the stalled peace talks last year. (Mindanao Examiner)…/

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Lorenzana wants conditions to talks, Joma disagrees

Lorenzana wants conditions to talks, Joma disagrees
Preconditions should be observed before the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front (NDF) are resumed, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Thursday, echoing the stand of President Rodrigo Duterte for the “last chance” of the talks.

Exiled Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison however countered this, saying that setting of preconditions would not follow The Hague Joint Declaration signed in 1992 by former president Fidel Ramos and former NDF chairman Manuel Romero.

Lorenzana raised at least seven conditions: a bilateral ceasefire; no coalition in the government with the communists; no attacks of New People’s Army (NPA) rebels on government forces and civilians; no extortion activities; no destruction of properties; no recruitment by the NPA; and no roaming around with firearms.

These were the same conditions laid down by the Defense chief on Wednesday, hours before Duterte ordered the “last chance” for peace talks with the communists.

Lorenzana had softened his stand on the peace negotiations but maintained that there should be a ceasefire from both parties.

During the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday night, the President ordered the resumption of the peace talks with the communists, with Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza saying Duterte was also committed to provide support, “if necessary,” in replacement with the armed rebels’ “revolutionary taxes.”

The move was welcomed by Sison, the chief political consultant of the NDF, saying there was a need for the resumption of talks on “substantive issues and complaints.”

“In the same round of formal talks, as well as in preceding consultations, the panels can present conflicting positions and subsequently seek to solve the problems on mutually acceptable grounds,” the communist leader said in a statement.

Three agreements

Sison, who is in self-exile in The Netherlands, emphasized three agreements drafted before the peace negotiations stalled last year.

The first one was the “substantial consensus” between the two peace panels in terms of the agrarian reform, rural development, national industrialization and economic development, which Sison described as the “most important parts” of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (Caser).

“There is already a draft amnesty proclamation to release all the political prisoners listed by the NDFP in compliance with the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL),” Sison said.

Another deal, he said, was the draft agreement on the coordinated unilateral ceasefires, which he said is under the monitoring of a joint national ceasefire committee.

“This draft agreement is in effect at the start of a bilateral ceasefire agreement. It is a significant step towards the Comprehensive Agreement on the End of Hostilities and Disposition of Forces,” Sison emphasized.

Contrary to the suggestion of Lorenzana, he maintained that there should be no preconditions as it would not be in compliance with The Hague Joint Declaration of 1992.

Under the declaration in The Hague, the NDF and the government stated that the holding of the peace negotiations must be in accordance with “mutually acceptable principles” including national sovereignty, democracy and social justice.

“[N]o precondition shall be made to negate the inherent character and purpose of the peace negotiations,” the declaration read.

This was echoed by Sison, adding that the two “conflicting” parties have become negotiating parties to thresh out differences and complaints, and to seek solutions in achieving a “just and lasting peace.”

“As a matter of course, the two panels shall reaffirm all the existing agreements by way of ending the previous termination of the peace negotiations,” he said.

“It logically follows that the two panels shall cooperate in doing away with the obstacles and hindrances to the agreements and to the entire peace process,” Sison added.

‘No surrender’

Lorenzana again expressed his openness as well to the possible resumption of the peace talks, saying that he would support the “last chance initiative” of Duterte.

NDF legal consultant Edre Olalia pointed out that The Hague declaration does not indicate any surrender or capitulation.

“[The peace talks] shall be able to resolve the roots of the armed conflict for a negotiated political settlement, the negotiations should have no submission or dictation by one party to the other’s jurisdiction or system, among others,” Olalia said.

“In short, no prior or pre-set condition before the talks or the negotiations are held. Precisely, such matters are the proper subject of negotiations, not the other way around,” he added.

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Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr. will be the next AFP Chief

President Rodrigo Duterte has picked Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) chief Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr. as the next Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff.


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